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Reverse Aging with Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Friday, November 25, 2022

Stem cell therapy has been around for decades. It was first used in the 1960's to treat injuries. Since then, stem cells have become an increasingly popular treatment for a variety of conditions including hair loss, arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer.

But did you know that stem cells also have the ability to reverse the effects of the aging? In fact, there are several studies showing that stem cell therapy can slow down the aging process and improve overall health.

In this article, I'll explain exactly what stem cells are, how they work, and how stem cell rejuvenation can help with reverse aging.

What are stem cells? 

Stem cells are the building blocks of life. They are found in every part of the body and play an important role in maintaining health and repairing damage. They are the corner stone of cell biology. After all, all human cells originate from stem cells. Cellular therapies in medicine employ stem cells from various sources for repair, regeneration and rejuvenation. 

What is the most effective stem cell for therapy?

The pluripotent embryonic stem cell is the youngest stem cell being used in medicine. Of all the known stem cell therapies, such as adult stem cell therapy which uses bone marrow or adipose tissue, pluripotent stem cell therapy has an unmatched regenerative capacity. It is the only pluripotent stem cell available for therapy, since it gives rise to all 3 germ layers of the body, and is therefore capable of signaling repair and regeneration in all 220+ tissue types of the body. 

What other type of stem cells are being used in medicine?

The tissue specific stem cell, also considered an adult stem cell, is widely used in medicine.  These stem cell niche stem cells are differentiated and code restricted, their cellular function is limited to one tissue type. They give rise to somatic human cells, the immune cells, the endothelial cells, and all other cell types. Hematopoietic stem cells, neural stem cells, intestinal stem cells, cardiac progenitor cells, osteoblastic niche cells are all good examples of stem cell niche adult stem cells. The widely used in regenerative medicine mesenchymal stem cells can come from different origins, fetal, placental, umbilical, fat-derived and bone marrow derived.

Which stem cell is best for rejuvenation and biological age reversal?

The pluripotent embryonic stem cell is by far the best choice for whole body rejuvenation. It has the most comprehensive and powerful regenerative potential to rejuvenate human cells. It is capable of epigenetic reprogramming in all organs, repair damage in every tissue type, since it has the most comprehensive signaling profile for all cell types in the body. David Sinclair and his team at Harvard have backed this up with research, showing that regular pulsing doses of pluripotent signaling factors from embryonic stem cells are the key to reprogramming  tissue to a younger metabolic and biological age. They have even restored sight in aged mice.

What happens in our body as we age?

As we age, our we produce more and more aged cells, more senescent cells. In addition, our precious  stem cell niche dwindles in size and quality and we have less and less stem cells that can replace lost tissue and repair damaged tissue. Cellular senescence and stem cell depletion are key factors in age-related diseases. DNA damage, cellular damage, rise in reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial function impairments that come with age-related changes together cause impaired function leading to diseases of old age, such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and so on.  

How do pluripotent stem cells rejuvenate the body?

The therapeutic potential of pluripotent stem cells is mainly due to their potent paracrine effectors, exosomes, that signal repair in tissues and awaken the dormant tissue specific stem cells. Pluripotent stem cells release potent epigenetic reprogramming factors such as Yamanaka factors, NANOG. These take your 65 year old heart and turn back the clock on that tissue, allowing it to beat at healthier 36 year old level. In this manner, age reversal is essentially metabolic and biological age rejuvenation. We want all our tissues to repair fast and regenerate lost cells. The paracrine effects of stem cells are to thank for this. 

What else is in the pluripotent exosomes?

All stem cells release exosomes that contain transcription factors. Analysis of the content of pluripotent exosomes also reveals presence of protein, peptides, growth factors, systemic factors that repair nerve damage (neurotrophic), that grow more blood vessels in the areas (angiogenic) , autophagy-related proteins that clear senescence (senolytic). Factor after factor, protein after protein, the stem cells secrete a powerful reparative, regenerative and rejuvenate cocktail into every tissue of the body. This is the reason why we administer the Pluripotent stem cells intravenously, and locally via direct injection, so that they can travel into every tissue of the body. 

What can I expect from Pluripotent Stem cell therapy for rejuvenation?

The rejuvenative and regenerative potential of these stem cells shows 1. immediate and  2. long-term beneficial effects. 

  1. Immediate beneficial effects: protein levels in the pluripotent exosomes are high and immediately send messages to the cells and tissues to grow, to grow more vessels for nutrients, to grow healthy nerve tissue, to dissolve scarring and fibrosis, to clear senescent inflammatory cells. 
  2. Long-term beneficial effects: Transcriptions factors,  mRNAs and miRNAs, the Yamanaka and NANOG, play the long game. Their half-life is much longer that protein, and keep coding for factors long after the application, for weeks and months. 

How do pluripotent stem cells help with stem cell depletion?

One of the hallmarks of the aging process is stem cell depletion. As all aged cells, stem cells age and die. By the time you are 65, most of your stem cell niche is completely depleted. Aged stem cells that remain have impaired function. The only way to solve stem cell depletion is with autologous pluripotent stem cell repletion.

How can Stemaid help replenish the depleted stem cell stores?

Stemaid is the only institute in the world providing the cutting edge procedure of autologous embryonic stem cell production. To achieve this, we take a sample of your skin at the institute in Cabo. Our Stemaid scientists harvest healthy fibroblasts from this sample, and through a proprietary biotechnological cloning procedure, our scientists are able to turn them into your own autologous embryonic pluripotent stem cells. They are grown under strict sterile laboratory procedure and cryopreserved for you indefinitely. When you come for therapy, we grow your line in our laboratory and apply it intravenously and by direct injection, only to you, they contain your DNA, they are your personalized regenerative medicine. With each application, we restore stem cell stores with your youngest stem cells. Aged stem cells are no longer an issue, cellular senescence dramatically decreased. You now have a new supply of your own DNA youngest stem cells for optimal stem cell functions. Out of all the cellular therapies in the world, this is the most effective way to replenish your stem cell stores. 

Stemaid Case Study

Karen's Story of biological age reversal.

Karen is a very active vibrant 65 year old woman, who originally came to Stemaid Institute to treat her joint damage from sports injuries. She's always been an active tennis and pickle ball player, yet recently she has had more difficulty treating the aches and pains around her joints, the elbow, the knee, the hip, classic overuse areas for tennis players. The physical damage incurred was just not healing as well as before. 

In her intake, we found out that Karen already leads a very anti-aging lifestyle, practices caloric restriction, works out every day, and her brain is always engaged in fantastic conversation and project development. Yet, she has not been healing from these physical injuries as well as before.

We prescribed Karen our joint repair and anti-aging programs over a period of a year and her aches and pains are now history. She walks off the tennis courts without her knee brace.

But that's not all. Everyone notices how young she looks and how much energy she has. Our analysis of her blood serum results through deep learning algorithms of aging A.I has show a powerful biological age reversal effect. Her biological age is predicated at 36 now. That is -29 years her actual chronological age.

Karen has had her autologous stem cells produced at Stemaid Labs, and now receives regular infusions to replenish her stem cell stores regularly. Aging of our tissues never stops, we need to be on it. Bravo Karen! you are an inspiration. Whole body rejuvenation with pluripotent growth and rejuvenative factors is the way of the future. For us, Karen is the perfect image of the ageless woman, the ageless human.

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