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Stem cell therapy for Knees

Treating Knees with stem cells

Regenerative medicine in the form of stem cell therapies and treatments are useful and effective at dealing with various bodily ailments, including arthritis, knee issues, shoulder issues, and other similar afflictions. Athletes are most commonly afflicted by knee injuries, pain, and inflammation, but anyone can suffer.

Stem cell therapy is a non-invasive, healthy, and effective method of bringing back knee mobility, reducing and removing pain altogether, and restoring the healthy predisposition all people deserve to have.

Some symptoms of knee problems can include:

  • Knee pain
  • Worsened mobility
  • Knee inflammation

Regenerative stem cell therapy for Knees

Our state-of-the-art stem cell technology is used to treat a wide variety of knee afflictions, including cartilage degeneration, knee osteoarthritis, a torn MCL, ACL, or meniscus. Stem cell therapy is both affordable and highly efficient at helping patients’ knees heal.

The whole process is painless, and the therapy usually lasts for a few weeks. Recovery times differ from patient to patient based on their current health, past afflictions, acute conditions, and the quickness with which the body can repair the damaged area with the provided stem cells.


Knees Treatment Plan

Our treatment plans generally last between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on your overall health, your condition, and the severity of your Knees symptoms. Anyone can sign up for stem cell treatment for Knees. Each stem cell treatment candidate will receive a tailored plan to help achieve the highest success rate for maximum therapy efficiency. Typically, stem cell therapy for Knees will resemble a program such as the one below, and will last for 3 days. We do not provide one-off injections, but do include local knee injections in our other comprehensive packages.


Stem cells

3 stem cell IVs



2 Plurisomes IVs


Peptides & Nutraceuticals

regular peptide & nutraceutical IVs



regular CaNa2 EDTA IVs


Benefits of stem cell therapy for Knees patients

Stem cell treatments of any kind come with a wide variety of benefits, depending on the affliction being treated. When it comes to stem cell treatment for knees, these three are the biggest:

  • Slow the degradation of cartilage and repair damaged cartilage

    The older we get, the more our cartilage degenerates beyond repair, directly impacting our mobility. Cartilage can also be damaged through injury or fatigue. Patients whose cartilage has been confirmed damaged can greatly benefit from stem cell therapy.

  • Reduce pain and decrease knee inflammation

    When the knee and its ligaments are damaged, sharp pain ensues until it’s healed. Traditional therapies that attempt to restore mobility in patients' knees through careful physical activity cannot reduce the amount of pain felt during the process.

  • Delay and prevent the need for knee replacement procedures

    If the knees were exposed to exceptional stress and used profoundly during one’s life (high-intensity sports, accidents, injuries, etc.), they’ll most likely become irreversibly damaged. In such situations, a knee replacement surgery may be required to maintain the patient's quality of life.

Stem cell therapy has proven excellent in staving off the need for knee replacement surgery due to its regenerative properties.

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