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Stem cell therapy for Arthritis

Treating Arthritis with stem cells

Arthritis is a common, inflammatory or degenerative condition of the joint that occurs following damage to the protective cartilage that shields the bones in the joint. If the cartilage is damaged, the increased friction between the bones results in the following three most prominent symptoms:

  • Joint pain - The most noticeable symptom of arthritis or its most common variant, osteoarthritis, is pain. Pain causes the afflicted individual issues with day-to-day life and stress surrounding the affliction.
  • Lack of mobility - For most people, the joints' mobility and function are crucial and require these characteristics to be at the highest level. Lack of mobility happens due to cartilage damage, causing less elasticity and movement within the joints.
  • Inflammation - When our bodies sense something is wrong, they send white blood cells to the afflicted area. While the body fights to stop and get rid of the problem, the surrounding area will get inflamed, causing discomfort.

Regenerative stem cell therapy for Arthritis

Utilizing the newest regenerative medicine advancements in stem cells, individuals can finally experience no pain and regain full mobility and movement control. Stem cell treatment is less invasive than surgery and almost painless; There is also less down time. We use our pluripotent stem cell products and we combine IV injections and local injections into the afflicted area.


Arthritis Treatment Plan

Our treatment plans generally last between 2 and 5 weeks, depending on your overall health, your condition, and the severity of your Arthritis symptoms. Anyone can sign up for stem cell treatment for Arthritis. Each stem cell treatment candidate will receive a tailored plan to help achieve the highest success rate for maximum therapy efficiency. Typically, stem cell therapy for Arthritis will resemble a program such as the one below, and will last for 2 weeks of treatment.


Stem cells

10 stem cell IVs



2 Plurisomes IVs


Peptides & Nutraceuticals

regular peptide & nutraceutical IVs



regular CaNa2 EDTA IVs



2 sessions


Physiotherapy & Massage

2 sessions


Benefits of stem cell therapy for Arthritis patients

Stem cell therapy has numerous benefits no matter which health condition is being treated. Being one of the newest technologies used in medicine (specifically regenerative medicine) lets us amplify our efforts in making stem cell treatments even more effective. For now, some of the biggest stem cell therapy benefits for those who suffer from arthritis are:

  • Cartilage restoration

    Thanks to the regenerative properties that stem cells carry in them, our treatments are able to restore the damaged cartilage to its former healthy state. Stem cell therapy also makes the new cartilage less prone to damage in the future, providing you with an overall improvement in mobility.

  • Mobility restoration

    Arthritis can severely limit one’s ability to move their arms and use them for various activities. Its effects are most felt by the elderly, who suffer greatly from such an affliction. Stemaid stem cell therapy restores the previous mobility state of the afflicted individual by injecting stem cells into the damaged joint. Once the allotted treatment time is up, patients can often return to normal day-to-day routines. Stemaid treatments are so successful due to our use of pluripotent stem cells and Plurisomes that help repair tissue in any part of the body. The Plurisomes signal the brain that repairs are needed, and the brain tells the body it’s time to send cells to repair the damaged area. Pluripotent stem cells enhance this reparation process.

  • Pain relief

    Consistent and chronic joint pain is often the indicator that you may be suffering from age-related arthritis. Unfortunately, certain forms of arthritis may be an indicator of more severe conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disorder, or chronic infections like Lyme disease. In all cases, our pluripotent stem cells products can swiftly reduce the pain or eliminate it altogether (results vary from patient to patient). If your condition is related to an auto-immune disorder or a chronic infection, we will recommend to complete a 4 week program to see results.

  • Overall rejuvenation

    Arthritis is also an indication that the body has lost its capacity to rejuvenate its tissues. As we age, we have less and less of our stem cell reserve to attend the wear and tear. By following our pluripotent protocol, your body replenishes its own stem cell niche and reacquire the capacity to restore its tissues. It is one of the nice butterfly effect of our pluripotent programs, a long term benefit for a longer healthier life.

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