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Stem cell therapy for Stem Cell Facelift

What Is A Stem Cell Facelift? (Stem Cell Facial Therapy)

Aesthetic procedures are some of the most sought after medical and cosmetic treatment modalities. We want a youthful appearance and doctors and plastic surgeons focusing in cellular regenerative medicine have been devising ways to make this happen without invasive surgical procedure, medical technology or techniques (surgical facelifts, plastic surgery, the traditional facelift, aesthetic facelift surgery).  Cosmetic surgery can be hard on the body and leave scars. Patients are looking for cosmetic medicine modalities that are more gentle, biocompatible, non-invasive, and that do not exhaust and scar

Most recently, stem cell medicine has come to the forefront of aesthetics with stem cell serum facials, now a leading regenerative biological cosmetic procedure. Facial skin responds very well to the regenerative potential of the secretory factors and peptides that are concentrated in the stem cell secretions. The Stem Cell Facelift is a potent therapy for skin aging, facial aging, facial volume loss and skin laxity. Incorporation of stem cells into aesthetic medicine has been a game changer.

How Does a Stem Cell Facelift Make You Look Younger?

Stem cell derived microvesicles, exosomes, are full of growth factors, neurotrophic factors, angiogenic factors, anti-fibrotic factors, and in the case of pluripotent stem cells, reprogramming factors that turn back biological age of tissues. They bring in new blood vessels, new nerve tissue, dissolve scaring, smooth lines, and rejuvenate overall, giving the patient a youthful glow. 

How Does It Differ From Injectables?

Derma fillers (hyaluronic acid) and botox are the most prominent injectable therapies in mainstream skin aesthetics. These modalities are used by clinicians to plump tissue (soft tissue augmentation) and remove lines and wrinkles. They are truly cosmetic in function and have little role in cellular rejuvenation. 

PRP, platelet rich plasma, is another approach to skin aesthetics.  PRP contains platelets that activate an inflammatory cascade which in turn brings in endogenous repair molecules to repair the induced inflammation. The stem cell serum, on the other hand, contains a much more direct regenerative action. 

Mesenchymal stem cells derived exosomes are being used in aesthetic facials in clinics worldwide. Stem cell facelifting with these adult stem cells, umbilical, placental, fetal stem cells, or autologous sources like fat derived stem cells (fat cell / adipose cells progenitors, adipose stem cells, adipose-derived stem cells, human adipose tissue derived stem cells) can be effective. Mesenchymal multipotent stem cells signal repair in several tissue types and can be a good stem cell treatment for the skin, if prepared in quality clinical settings or sourced from highly reputable laboratories. 

How Do Pluripotent Stem Cells Rejuvenate the Skin?

At the forefront of stem cell aesthetics and whole-body rejuvenative stem cell therapy, we now find the Pluripotent stem cell derived exosomes, Plurisomes™ . Pluripotent stem cells are the youngest, most potent and most comprehensive regenerative cells and their secretome is like pure gold for treating signs of skin aging and overall damage.

Plurisomes™ work diligently with your own biology to kick start the body's intrinsic repair, skin remodeling and reprogramming (age reversal) process. The combination of growth factors, collagen & elastin factors and pluripotent reprogramming factors instigate a natural regenerative cascade in the skin. The biological molecules secreted by stem cells work with your own physiology to help repair skin damage, to remodel cell tissue to a youthful appearance, smoothing out the lines, lifting the skin with the new collagen and elastin being formed along the reparative process. Collagen production, collagen synthesis is up-regulated leading to the characteristic collagen remodeling youthful contour result, the stem cell lift.

In plastic surgery protocols, we use Pluripotent Stem Cells and Plurisomes™ intravenously and injected locally to help skin repair much more naturally and efficiently without fibrosis and scar formation. — Dr. Evelin Veras MD, Anti-Aging Medicine, Plastic Surgery

Pluripotent stem cells & their Plurisomes™ release factors, peptides, matrix proteins, enzymes, transcriptions factors and important intracellular signaling mediators that code for skin tissue renewal, repair, and regeneration. The action of the pluripotent stem cell serum is precise in cellular reprogramming and tissue remodeling, far beyond what you would get from a purely cosmetic procedure with regular dermal filler, botox, PRP or MSC exosomes

What To Expect During Stemaid Facial Treatments?

The Aesthetic Facial procedure takes about 60 minutes in total (30-45 minutes or 45-90 minutes, depending on the patient's needs and condition). Prior to the application, our aesthetics nurse will apply 20% lidocaine topical to your face to prevent pain and bruising. After 20 minutes of waiting, you will be invited to the aesthetics room to lie down and the nurse will perform 20 minutes of micro-needling and 20 minutes of micro-injections to your facial area.

Micro-needling creates invisible micro-perforations in the upper layers of the skin and allows the active ingredients of Plurisomes™ to reach all layers of the skin. The procedure stimulates epidermis and dermis to release growth factors and cytokines which promote scarless healing through deposition of natural collagen and elastin.

The treatment is a minimally invasive non-surgical and non-abrasive procedure for facial rejuvenation that involves the use of micro-needling device to create controlled skin injury. The resulting new skin growth is proven to dramatically reduce appearance of scars, fine-lines, sun damage and skin discoloration.

For patient safety (to minimize potential risks and allergic reaction, to speed up recovery time) it is advised to stay out of the sun, pools and ocean for 24 hours after the treatment.

There may be mild bruising and discoloration of facial tissues for 24-48 hours post injections. This is the minimal recovery time. You can resume normal activities after 48 hours. 

The skin is the window to our inner and outer health, everything shows up on it eventually, aging included, pluripotent stem cells and their rejuvenative secretome heal the skin from the inside and from the outside. — Dr. Denisa Rensen ND, Longevity & Lifestyle Medicine

How Long Does A Stem Cell Rejuvenation Facelift Last?

All results with stem cell therapy vary with each individual patient. The effectiveness depends on several factors that we cover in detail here. With our Stemaid Aesthetic facials, clients see positive benefits sometimes within days, and lasting for weeks and months. Some patients come regularly to keep reprogramming the tissues (biological age reversal effect). Results vary from person to person.

Are There Other Related Treatments To A Stem Cell Facelift?

At Stemaid Institute we offer all kinds of anti-aging therapies for skin rejuvenation, starting with clinical applications that work from the inside, via intravenous therapy with Pluripotent Stem Cells, Plurisomes™ & Peptides and other supportive integrative IVs and nutraceuticals.

We couple this systemic approach with therapeutic applications to areas that need the extra support, like the facial skin, décolleté (neckline and chest) and the scalp, using micro-needling and micro-injections with Plurisomes™.

Intravenous therapy and Aesthetic Facials and local injections work in synergy to provide the most potent therapeutic effect for your skin and newly found youthful energy. 

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