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Regarding Infections from Stem Cell Treatment Clinics in Mexico

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

We would like to clarify that Stemaid Institute is NOT one of the clinics mentioned in the recent CDC article titled Potential Outbreak of Mycobacterium Abscessus Infections from Stem Cell Treatment Clinics in Mexico. Stemaid Institute wishes to emphasize the following points to ensure transparency and accuracy:

  1. Stemaid Institute specializes in advanced regenerative medicine treatments utilizing pluripotent stem cell therapy. Our clinic follows stringent protocols and procedures that do not involve intrathecal injections as reported in the article about the clinics under scrutiny.
  2. Investigation of the references used for the CDC article explains that one of the patients mentioned underwent 2 lumbar punctures for intrathecal injection of donor umbilical cord stem cells programmed to treat MS.

In response to the concerns raised in the article, Stemaid Institute adheres to rigorous infection prevention practices. Stemaid Institute's CEO, Brigitte Hanly, states:

"Ensuring the prevention of any form of infections is a top priority for any clinic that offers IVs. To achieve this, we conduct regular training sessions for our nurses and practitioners with a specialized US doctor in IV training. He conducts reviews of our protocols every six months."

"Our cells are prepared and controlled in a living state in our lab every morning before being delivered to our clinic. They are conditioned in an IV bag, ready for use in a clean room, and no one is permitted to open these bags from the moment they leave the clean room until they are administered to the patient."

Stemaid Institute remains dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative medicine through cutting-edge pluripotent stem cell therapy and ensuring optimal patient care and safety. For further inquiries or clarification, please contact us or visit our website at stemaidinstitute.com.

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