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Our Philosophy

We believe a healthy body has an intrinsic capacity to self-regulate and self-repair.

Moment to moment, our physiology is working hard to neutralize and eliminate toxins and restore balance and normal function. In chronic illness, this natural mechanism breaks down and we lose the capacity to eliminate toxins and to repair. Given this, we have designed our programs along these two very important healing phases: detoxification & repair.


Identification and removal of obstacles to healing is key to your recovery, at every stage of the program. The toxins and the stressors that are preventing your body from returning to a healthy state need to be addressed at all stages of your healing.

Toxins are chemicals and stressors that prevent your physiology from regulating and restoring normal health. They come in many forms, from the outside (exogenous) and from within your body (endogenous).

Toxins can be man-made (metals, pesticides, phthalates, PCBs, electromagnetic radiation) or natural (mold toxins, bacterial toxins, parasites, metabolic waste such as histamines, oxidants and various inflammatory factors).

Natural sources of physiological stressors are considered as toxins. Man-made sources are considered as toxicants. Irregardless of the specific definitions, the body is overburdened and the Stemaid programs work diligently to remove these obstacles to health.

Our approach is personalized medicine. We adjust the protocol to your specific needs, with assessment & testing, detoxification & restorative IVs, customized nutrient detox & restoration protocols.



While we continue to support the neutralization and elimination of toxins, the key primary focus of therapeutics at Stemaid is repair and regeneration of damaged and degenerated tissue and restoring healthy metabolic function.

Pluripotent stem cells & Plurisomes (Pluripotent stem cells exosomes) are especially potent in stimulating immunomodulation, angiogenesis, neurogenesis and repair of atrophied and degenerated tissue.

The stem cells release unique peptides, mRNAs and miRNAs that help to reprogram cells and tissues back to a healthy state. The effects are immediate and long-lasting. Pluripotent stem cells and/or Plurisomes are applied daily via IVs and local injections as needed.

Whether to revert symptoms of a chronic disease or for prevention and rejuvenation, whole body repair and regeneration is what we are after at every stage of your program. Stemaid Institute is world's leading rejuvenation center.

We are located in sunny Cabo, Baja California Sur.

The setting of our institute is beautiful, relaxing, and restorative. We believe the psychoarchitecture of rejuvenative spaces is a key part of the healing process. Our staff are friendly, our treatment areas jovial and peaceful. Your program is further supported by powerful mind-body therapies and daily healthy organic gourmet meals.